On-Site Consulting

I opened Oregon CrossFit 9 years ago, and my biggest regret as an affiliate owner is not having Jon out sooner. His visit changed the entire way I thought about my business. - Sean, Client

When you engage Jon to do on-site consulting, he'll come to you to build a better business in real time.  The content of every program is completely customized; we begin by analyzing your situation via phone, and arrive on-site ready to make your business more profitable.

Over the course of two days, we'll go through your sales and retention process, refine your digital presence, assess your culture and leadership ability, help you make tough decisions, and leave you with daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists to keep the business growing and on track.  

  • 2-Day Program

  • At your business with Jon Gilson

  • Improve profitability

  • Develop a concrete plan for growth

  • Includes Follow-up Phone Consulting

Our payment plans, detailed below, are available to every client.  We break our fees down into on a reasonable down payment and low subsequent monthly installments to make it easy for any business to afford, regardless of current financial condition.

Pricing and Payment Plan

Two-Day On-Site Program with Jon Gilson:

  • Total Cost: $3000 plus travel

  • Down Payment: $1000 plus travel

  • Subsequent Monthly Installment: $500/mo. for four (4) months

Register for On-Site Consulting

To get started, click below to register.  We'll be in touch right away to discuss your needs, schedule your On-Site engagement, establish travel costs, and (if you're ready) take a down payment for the visit.