Register for AF Project Seminar 2.0

“I’m no stranger to discussing business in a classroom setting, as I am currently finishing up my degree in management, but Jon was able to deliver more relevant advice and content in eight hours than I have received in all of my institutional education combined.
— Corey, AF Project 2.0 Attendee

Our advanced course is an intense, day-long combination of lecture and tactical planning (coupled with significant course pre-work), designed to give you a Master's level education on building your business.  

Using your own gym as a live case study, we'll work together to:

  • Improve your sales process
  • Generate more revenue from the members you already have
  • Convert more new clients
  • Revamp your website and calls-to-action to get more leads
  • Reclaim lost members
  • Learn financial management and metrics-based decision making
  • Learn inbound marketing 

This is a hands-on, highly interactive experience that will dive deep into the finer details of succeeding in the gym business.  You'll leave knowing exactly what you need to do to, not in theory, but in practice, individualized to your exact situation.  

While this is an advanced Seminar, no prerequisites are necessary.  You will be guided through the pre-work to ensure that you're ready to hit the ground running on the day of the Seminar.  Attending AF Project Seminar 2.0 is a serious commitment and a significant step toward becoming a leader in the increasingly competitive gym world.  Register below.

Upcoming AF Project 2.0 Seminars:

  • Currently on Hiatus — Resuming Winter 2018