Consulting for Founders

Via Zoom, Slack, and telephone, you'll work one-on-one with Jon Gilson to analyze your business. We’ll build on your past successes while creating a better model for growth, building your culture, and improving financial performance.

Together, we'll look at your sales process, your products and pricing, your client retention efforts, your digital presence, your marketing plan, your staff, and your personal financial goals to create a customized plan of action.  We'll also provide you with access to all of our proprietary systems to help you run a better business.

  • Work one-on-one with Jon

  • Benefit from the accumulated knowledge of our work with other clients

  • Improve your model, your product offering, and your growth rate

  • Get solid advice on your biggest business issues

  • Receive access to our proprietary systems and tools

We begin all Consulting engagements with a FREE consultation.  Register below, and we'll contact you right away to discuss your business and determine if Gilson Consulting is a good fit for your needs.

Continuing after the Initial Call

After you've completed your free consulting call, you'll begin working one-on-one with Jon.  You should plan on having a 60 to 90 minute call each week as we implement the foundations of success — determining where we can best leverage your time to create profitability and growth.

After each call, you'll receive a written assignment on what you'll do that week and what you'll deliver at the subsequent call.  This will keep you accountable and help you make progress quickly.  Of course, we'll track your financial results fully, demonstrating the full dollar impact of working with Gilson Consulting.