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How do you think about strategy?

Building a strong business is often about the business model itself. Are you delivering your product in a way that encourages repeat usage, builds viral sharing into the customer journey, and allows your brand message to be delivered daily by your product? Are you customer-focused, and do your daily activities reflect that? Do you have a plan for growth and product development, or are you simply holding options without making decisions? We encourage our clients to answer these questions first, building a go-forward strategy only after we’ve got good, solid answers.

how do you measure success?

We’re going to keep track of several key performance indicators, but none is more telling that profitability. We’re going to benchmark the amount of gross profit the business is making now, and set concrete milestones for improving that number. The thesis there is simple: profit is the raw fuel for further growth and increased impact on the world, and we’re either increasing it, or we’re destroying value. Of course, we don’t expect to create a simple “up and to the right” effect with profitability, as reinvestment in the business is almost always needed, but we’ll keep our eye on this measure at all times.

who do you work with?

Every one of our clients is trying to improve the human condition — through training, through a wellness or well-being service, through software and hardware, through an innovative combination of product and experience. We work in this space because it’s fundamental to who we are as a company, attempting to improve the human condition through the lens of business growth.

what’s the “secret Sauce” to success?

Anyone who tells you there isn’t a “secret sauce” hasn’t spent too much time building businesses. We’ll focus on achieving product/market fit, getting the right team in place, nailing your pricing strategy, finding a repeatable way to acquire new clients, building a killer brand, impressing the heck out of your current clients, and making you the kind of leader that people want to follow. If we get this stuff right, profitability and growth will naturally follow.

can we hire you full-time?

I’m sure it would be fun (because you’re awesome), but no. The power of Gilson Consulting comes from working with a select group of businesses simultaneously, innovating within those businesses, and then transferring the lessons to our entire client base. You’ll benefit from the accumulated knowledge of our community in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible if we were dedicated solely to a single business for years at a time. That said, we often work on an extended project basis, taking weeks and even months to focus on a single client.

What is the first step with GC clients?

We begin by identifying underutilized resources and opportunities for immediate growth. I.e., are you communicating proactively with existing clients? Do you have an un- or under- utilized email list? Does your web presence clearly communicate your value proposition? Are you capturing new leads? Do you know which clients are your most valuable (and how you might give them more value in exchange for increased profitability)? Are you building a purposeful customer journey? We’ll start with this low hanging fruit, executing rapidly to deliver a series of quick, sustainable wins.

is this a cookie cutter process?

In some ways “yes” (and in other very important ways, “no”). While your situation is unique, we’ve seen a series of common errors made in customer-facing fitness + wellness startups. These errors typically arise for first- and second-time entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about delivering for their customers, but are under-informed about culture and leadership, brand building, product development, customer service, and using data to drive decision-making. We work with founders and entrepreneurs to build these abilities, giving them the tools they need to become self-sufficient and successful. Of course, our on-the-ground tactical solutions will be unique to your business.

my company is small. Does consulting make sense?

Simply, yes. The opportunity to map out the business model, to create your brand, to build a customer-centric and data-driven culture is biggest precisely when your company is at its smallest. We’ll take advantage of your current agility to make sure you’re utilizing best practices from day one.

what are the options for working with you?

We work with clients both remotely and in person, often combining the two approaches when appropriate. We’re located in Boston, Massachusetts, but travel to client locations all over the world on a regular basis.

How do we get started with GC?

First, let’s talk. We’ll discuss your venture and mutually determine if there’s a fit, taking on the project only when we’re 100% sure it’s a win-win. During this discussion, we’ll deep dive into your current operation and future plans, discussing your needs and how we can help. (It’s a process that inevitably surfaces insights and questions that will help your thinking as a leader and entrepreneur, regardless of whether we move forward with an engagement).

I’ve got another question. can I call you?

Absolutely. You can reach us via phone at (603) 933-3223 or via email at