On Monopoly

As a business, I would like to have a broad, legally-defined and protected territory with no competition allowed therein. I would like a monopoly. Who wouldn't?

But funny thing, monopoly. The loser is the customer, who has but a single option at a price determined by fiat rather than market forces. This is unacceptable, and a perversion of the natural order, enrichment of a business through artificial means.

Therefore, we must have competition. Competition spurs excellence. Without people trying to beat us, without adversity, without someone kicking your ass (or at least trying) once in a while, you'll never be what you could be. 

Add this simple fact: when someone tries to destroy you, they also destroy monopoly. If you're beat, the customer will most likely benefit. A competitor cannot put you out of business without being better than you in the exact domain your customers find most attractive, whether that domain be price or quality of service. 

Competition benefits the customer.

In that vein, I invite you to compete with us. If the buying public finds your value proposition superior to the one we offer, I have two choices: change or die. 

That's the kind of choice that will make this company better, and in the end, that's what it's all about: being better, for the sole benefit of the customer.

Seek excellence, not protection. Seek competition, not monopoly. What you did yesterday gives you no right to what you have today; you must earn your keep through consistent improvement. If you don't improve, you will cease to exist, and another will take your place. 

In this system, the collective will continue to reap the benefit, and that is what truly matters.

Go Hard and Go Home