Gym Valuation Services

Working with Jon gave us the ability to understand the exact market value of our business from several different valuation approaches. He helped us navigate a notoriously tricky process with ease and certainty. We are grateful for the clarity he provided us and his professionalism.
— Erin, Valuation Client, Sell Side

Gilson Consulting provides business valuation services to help inform potential buyers and sellers as to the probable fair market value of the business being bought or sold.

Valuation Report includes:

  • An estimate of fair market value of the business based on Net Present Value analysis and EBITDA multiple.

  • An estimate of fair market value based on liquidation value.

  • A listing of contingencies that may influence valuation.

  • Recommendations for further negotiation.

To utilize gym valuation services, buyer or seller must provide:

  1. Detailed information on the transaction via phone interview and/or video conference.

  2. Twelve (12) months of profit and loss statements for the business in question, with twenty-four (24) months preferred.

  3. A current balance sheet, including accumulated depreciation.

  4. A release of liability, holding Gilson Consulting LLC harmless in any pending, completed, or contemplated transaction

Gym Valuation Services

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