The Whole Life Challenge is an operating system for creating a better life.

The 6 Week Challenge

Four times a year for 6 weeks, you'll work address your entire life — exercise, nutrition, mobility, sleep, hydration, reflection, and well-being practices. The idea isn't flash-in-the-pan physical transformation, but rather to create real and enduring habits in each of these areas, habits that will last you a (now much longer) lifetime.

You can join as an individual or create and lead your own team, bringing your community along with you. In either case, it's 6 weeks well-spent, with an end effect that's hard to overstate.

WLC for Business

Corporate wellness is broken. Rather than concentrating on the creation of truly healthy people (both mentally and physically), most programs spend their time addressing weak proxies for health among the at-risk — things like weight loss, stopping tobacco use, and counting steps.

Instead, we can create true behavior change while building culture, involving entire organizations in the benefits that comes from addressing the right habits, globally and fully. It's a quietly revolutionary approach, (and it's just getting off the ground).      

WLC Articles

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