Founder Consulting Packages

Founder Consulting Packages

from 525.00 every month for 6 months

6 months of full-stack business growth consulting, resulting in:

  • A scalable, data-driven decision making process to create growth

  • A customized digital + IRL sales funnel to attract new clients

  • Customized in-business mechanisms to retain and upgrade existing clients

  • Product and Pricing correction to maximize revenue

  • Enhanced brand story and web presence to increase lead generation

  • Fully benchmarked monthly financial and KPI reviews to document progress

All packages include:

  • A weekly 1 hour call with Jon

  • Weekly “to-dos” and accountability, customized to your current level of business prowess

  • Access to 100% of Gilson Consulting Group’s proprietary tools and processes

  • Unlimited Slack Access to Jon for ongoing questions

Access Plus Package Adds —

  • Kickoff Discovery (Quantitative) — Independently of your weekly sessions, Jon will aggregate and analyze your historical client data for up to two years prior, supercharging your path to enhanced profitability by discovering the exact issues facing your business.

  • Kickoff Discovery (Qualitative) — Independent of your weekly sessions, Jon will perform a complete survey and interview process of your clients and staff, discovering and reporting on current client trends, attitudes, and receptiveness to new products while independently assessing staff culture.

  • Kickoff Reporting — at the conclusion of Quant and Qual Discovery Efforts, Jon will present a complete report to your and your management team on the issues facing your business along with a selection of proposed best-practice solutions to each issue.

Access Unlimited Package Adds —

  • Independent of your weekly sessions, Gilson Consulting will engage our designers and digital marketing personnel to conduct a complete remodel of your Wordpress or SquareSpace website, using the Kickoff Discovery findings to revamp your digital sales funnel, sign up processes, product presentation and brand story — including copywriting and image selection.

  • Independent of your weekly session (and based on Kickoff Discovery efforts), we’ll engage our designers and creative personnel to build 10 customized, testable ad variants to kickstart your top-of-funnel client acquisition.